Garrison Industrial

serves many

Fortune 500 companies

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The term Garrison comes from the military term referring to a location with a large body of troops traditionally used to defend their position.

While we here at Garrison are not defending a certain piece of territory, we are dedicated to defending the high standards of safety, quality, delivering results, and individualized service with a large project capacity.

Established by military veterans, Garrison embodies many of the qualities found in our country’s elite military: respect, high standards, a disciplined workforce, and strategic mission accomplishment in a high-paced environment while ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality.

We demand the best and will remain dedicated to building our teams accordingly to ensure that we provide each customer with an exceptional level of services.


Electrical & Instrumentation

Garrison Industrial Services is committed to a high quality of workmanship as well as providing a safe work environment on all projects. With a combination of insightful electrical problem-solving skills, a passion for customer service and a can-do attitude, Garrison is at the ready for all your electrical needs.


Civil Services

Garrison can provide innovative solutions for a wide variety of concrete installation, remediation and finishing applications. Offering decades of expertise in forming and pouring new concrete slabs and foundation pads, structural strengthening and repairs, topical treatments, protective coatings and overlays, Garrison Industrial is a full-spectrum solution


Soft-Craft Services

Garrison Industrial Services has a dedicated
management team with a combined 80 years of industrial and commercial scaffold knowledge and experience. We at Garrison believe in flexibility to ensure we provide the best cost-efficient option for our