Serving many industries including oil refining, chemical processing, mining, manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceutical and distribution, Garrison Industrial has the expertise and experience to complete your project successfully with minimal downtime.  Our fields of expertise include:

Specialty Welding Services

Throughout the Gulf Coast there is a considerable need for skilled craftsmen with specialty welding at the forefront. Garrison recognizes this demand and is actively involved in attracting, securing, and supplying welders of the upmost caliber. In addition to possessing required ASME Welding Certifications, each member of the Garrison Industrial Services specialty welding team must successfully complete an in-house assessment program to ensure the highest quality welding services available.

Garrison Industrial Services prides itself on the safety, quality and efficiency of its employees and strives to deliver a top quality product, meeting the client expectations with a continuous focus on the safety of our employees and those around us.

Capable of a wide range of welding services, Garrison Industrial Services is proud to offer the following as part of its service line:

  • Code Certified Welders and Procedures
  • Coded Vessel Modifications
  • Furnace Tubing
  • Revamps and Upgrades of Piping Systems
  • Ammine Service Welding
  • Hydrogen Reformers
  • Ethylene Heaters
  • Total Specialty Turnaround Services
Tank Erection & Repair

Garrison offers a specialized tank division with extensive experience in new construction and repair/retrofit services.  Our capabilities include field fabrication and erection of carbon steel or stainless steel tanks built to API 650 design and configured to meet our customers’ expectations.

We offer a complete package of tank repair and retrofit services in accordance with API 653 standards.  Services include:

  • Shell Repair or Replacement
  • Demolition
  • Secondary Containment
  • Tank Seals Installation & Repair
  • Secondary Bottom Installation
  • Jacking & Leveling
  • Tank Appurtenance Repair or Replacement
  • Fire Protection
  • Roof Repair/Replace (Cone, Internal & External Floating)
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Roof Drain Systems
Specialty Exchanger Services

Garrison industrial exchanger services is led by over 30 years of superior experience.  Our highly skilled craft and supervision are qualified in Condensers, TLX, Fin Fans, and Heat Exchanger Repairs and Re-tube.  We offer industry standard certifications and pride ourselves on our superb specialty emergency call out service.  Our capabilities include:

  • Specialty Emergency Call Out Repair Service
  • Exchanger Re-tube & Repair
  • Fin Fan Re-tube & Repair
  • Component Repair & Replacement
  • Exchanger Hydrotesting Service
Turnaround & Maintenance Services

Garrison is capable of delivering fully comprehensive maintenance and turnaround services and support anchored in exceptional management, effective communication, and a highly qualified workforce. Our dedicated turnaround team has the capabilities to support critical path activities and provide services aimed at getting production facilities back online with minimal downtime.

Turnaround and Maintenance Service capabilities include:

  • Planning, Estimating, and Scheduling
  • Project Controls and Cost Tracking
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Materials Management
  • Qualified and Experienced Workforce
  • Effective Resource Leveling
  • Mechanical and Exchanger Services
  • Vessel Installation and Repair Services
  • Demolition
Pipe Fabrication & Installation

Garrison offers multiple pipe fabrication facilities to accommodate any size project and service multiple markets, providing full code certified weld capabilities and qualifications. Our skilled welders have extensive experience performing both field and shop services on carbon, stainless steel, and alloy materials.

Our piping and fabrications services include:

  • Field Verification
  • Procurement Services
  • Materials Management
  • Documentation
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Innovative Concrete Solutions

Garrison can provide innovative solutions for a wide variety of concrete installation, remediation and finishing applications. Offering decades of expertise in forming and pouring new concrete slabs and foundation pads, structural strengthening and repairs, topical treatments, protective coatings and overlays, Garrison Industrial is a full-spectrum solution.

Garrison Industrial is uniquely qualified in multiple facets of concrete construction to include:

  • Concrete Installation (mechanical pads, roadways, parking lots, flatwork)
  • Resinous Flooring Systems (epoxy, urethane modified cement, novolacs,  vinyl esters, polyurea)
  • Concrete Densify & Polishing (surface hardening, high-gloss polish)
  • Concrete Repair & Restoration (carbon fiber wrap, cementitious mortars, resurfacers and overlays)
  • Joint Treatments (rapid-set polyurea, semi-rigid epoxy, isolation joints)
Project Management & Engineering

Garrison has created strategic alliances with experienced firms to offer each of our customers a turnkey service designed to reduce cost and improve efficiency from planning through post-event project phases. Our experienced team delivers effective event planning and scheduling, as well as supporting functions such as materials, safety, and quality management. By combining the capabilities of Garrison and our alliances throughout the industry, we are able to execute complex projects with confidence.

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